Photo Show

All photos were taken, selected and named by BellaVita students!

Photo Show Gallery

A Plant Garden

My Africa Balloon

A Dead Butterfly

The Ladybugs in the Plants

I Love Dandelion

T-Rex Picture

Radish Ah-bababa

The Door

Just A Balloon

____'s Silly

Our Garden

Read more about our plans to move toward sustainability.

Our Garden

A few years back, we built a giant garden capable of producing 5% of our food for the year! Our garden is a community project. Parents, kids, teachers, and friends have been working, learning and producing together. Growing our own produce is the way we see to have the biggest, most positive impact on our environment. We educate each other and our children about where our food comes from, how it grows, and how to take care of the earth. Providing your children with healthy nutritious meals and snacks is as always a priority.

For availability & rates, please call: 303-772-3228 or... Send Us A Message